Phoenix Flying Club

Welcome to Phoenix Flying Club.

Welcome. Are you pilot looking to expand your experience by flying with a group of experienced and safety-minded co-pilots? Do you want to own equity in a fast, powerful, and well-equipped single-engine Piper Dakota for weekend adventures? Do you want to practice your skills and keep your currency with first-class instructors?

Phoenix Flying Club is member owned and operated, and we would love you to join if you are interested. Check out information on joining here, and you can find our contact information here.

Phoenix Flying Club was started in 2018 when a group pilots flying at Fort Meade Flying Activity purchased that club's Piper Dakota upon its dissolution. It operates out of Hangar 80 at Tipton Airport (KFME) in Odenton, Maryland, and is made up of experienced and new pilots. While the club currently has a more complex plane and an emphasis on cross-country adventures, the members fully intend to acquire a less expensive trainer as soon as possible to facilitate training and opportunities for less-experienced pilots.